Model 17 Blowback Laser Pistol

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1:1 Restoration of Model 17

Browning Tilting Barrel

Slide Locking

Shell Ejecting

weight: 485g

Size: Full Size [19 X 14cm]

Products include: Model 17 Toy Pistol, Bullets X20, Pack of replaceable parts, Box.

Product Description:

1. This is a laser blowback pistol, which means the slide moves back when you Press the trigger. At the same time, fire the laser and ejecting the shells.

2. Slide will be locked after firing the last bullet. Of course, you can also remove the magazine for continuous shooting.

3. The toy can be disassembled and assembled at will. In the Slide Locking state, the laser can be calibrated.

4. The laser target can sense the pistol's laser beam and provide shooting feedback, which can add a certain amount of fun.

5. Do not shoot at the head, so as not to hurt people's eyes with the laser.


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1.Is this a scam?
A.We can’t imagine that so many people will ask this question.

This is a notification document for the confiscation of our toy guns by the customs of different countries, the probability of being confiscated by customs is usually 2%.

Maybe the customs staff thought this gun was good, so they took it home and played with it.

2.What if your gun is seized by the customs?
A: We will refund you in full, click the link below to see the solution.

3.How long will it take for my items to arrive?
A.General goods take 2-4 weeks and 3-7 weeks for toy guns.

Toy guns are very special products. Especially the toy gun with the appearance of a real gun.

They will be strictly examined by the customs.

4.Does Csnoobs have other online stores?
A: Not yet, We found someone using our brand to sell fake products, we have sued them, Please beware of fraud.

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